What’s your supply chain strategy in this perilous times?

Early Last week I went into a super market to buy some groceries and I requested for a particular snack. But to my utmost surprise I was told that the company that manufactures it have not been able to produce  for about 4 days because of shortage of raw materials for production. I couldn’t believe it because this is a company that makes a staple snack that Nigerians have come to love. It must be a time of great loss for them.

Surprisingly I ran into a high level staff of that company at a Church that I attended yesterday; she used to be a  colleague of mine. After exchanging pleasantries, I brought up the issue and she confirmed it that the Supply Chain crisis of 2021 has really affected them as they are not able to get materials for production the way they should, and this has resulted to extended downtimes.

Desperate times calls for desperate. Companies do not have to shut down because of this shortages. There needs to be deliberate actions to at least minimize the effects of this crisis. And all this has to do with long term strategic planning.

One great way your company can minimize the effect of this is by outsourcing the procurement or logistics of you material needs.

Edas Global Supply Chain Limited is a reliable and trusted Supply Chain company that can help you;

1. Draw up your requirements for certain periods based on the current realities

2.Strategically  Plan and also purchase from your trusted supplier based on approved quality, price and quantity.

3. Get you samples from reputable organizations(backed with COAs and MSDS) for you trials and approval if satisfied. It is always necessary to have more than one supplier for each product that you use for operations.

4. We help you plan and also ship your items based on your needs and requirements. You will always have a buffer.

5. We can help you store some of your materials in case you do not have space.

With a well structured supply chain plan, the possibility of complete stock out that can halt productions will be eliminated. Outsourcing to us will help you concentrate on other critical areas of your business.

You can email me directly via emeka@edasglobalsupplychain.com.

You and your company will be glad you did.

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