What is the full meaning of NAHCO?

Whoever is familiar with the Nigeria Airports, especially the cargo sections will see buildings with trademarked Blue and Yellow color combination. Those are colors of a company called NAHCO.

NAHCO, also known as Nahco Aviance means Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc. They are a major player in the ground handling service sector of the nation’s air transport industry, with presence in all the major Nigerian airports across the country.

NAHCO was founded in December 1979, as Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Limited by the Federal Government, through a collaboration between the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Air France, British Airways, Sabena and Lufthansa

Due to repositioning, it has however become a publicly quoted company through privatization, and thus renamed NAHCO Plc.

The company has since grown into a multi-billion Naira company with diversified investments in energy, logistic and development of a Free Trade Zone Company and currently has three institutional investors holding more than 5% of the total share of the company as of February 2022. These major investors are Godsmart Nigeria Limited – 26.95%; Awhua Resources Limited – 7.13%; White Cowries Industries Limited – 6.98%.

Edas Global Supply Chain Limited is one of the numerous companies that use the services of NAHCO, especially for the cargo handling services, because apparently NAHCO handles a lot of the cargoes that come into the country at a particular section of the airport.

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